Friday, September 3

Road Trip--East Coast Edition

Ty is applying to several residency programs on the East coast, so we wanted to get out of the city and drive around a little. Our destination was not a residency location, but we did get to stop by a town with a residency program on the way.

We walked to the rental car location at 6:45 a.m.


We got in our tiny rental car and drove an hour to...
Ocean City, New Jersey

We originally wanted to go to Atlantic City, but the reviews I had read online were not that great. Ocean City received great reviews and I'm so happy that is where we ended up. Ocean City boasts a 2.5 mile boardwalk. Beach, state fair type food, ferris wheel, bicycles--I was sold!

The first thing we did was rent bikes at Ove's.
I am in love with this bike and would love for Santa to bring me one just like it!
PHL e15
I wonder if I could get Nuts to ride in the basket. Wouldn't that be adorable?!

We were walking along the beach around 8:30. I love early mornings at the ocean.


PHL e16


Did I mention how much I loved this bike??

Mid-morning snack: fresh squeezed lemonade and a pretzel.
My mouth is watering just thinking about that pretzel.

I was SO excited to ride the ferris wheel, but it turns out the thing doesn't open until 1 pm. We had to be back on the road to the airport at that time. Bummer!

We rode our bikes several times up and down the boardwalk, browsed shops, ate food and enjoyed each other's company. My biggest regret is not being extremely hungry. There were so many things I would have liked to eaten. I guess I will just have to wait for the fair to come to town to get my fill of funnel cakes and all things fried.

Ocean City and Atlantic City aren't very far apart, so on our way back to Philadelphia we stopped by. I'm so glad we spent the majority of our time in OCNJ. Atlantic City was too commercialized for my taste.

We spent a little bit of time in a casino.

Yummy mini corn dogs.

If we ever live in the PA or NJ area, we will definitely be spending a weekend in Ocean City.
I'm so happy we made a mini vacation out of Ty's test. He is extremely busy this fall and I barely see him. It was nice to spend quality time together and explore new places.


  1. I love that bike so so much. And yes it would be adorable to have nuts ride in the basket. Love it so much.

  2. That beach looks so relaxing! Yep, you need a bike like that. I think we all do. ☺

  3. OMG my mouth is watering at the sight of those corndogs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I liked walking on the beach early in the morning when I did some camp counseling near Vermilion, Ohio, at Beulah Beach. I could smell the fresh breeze looking at your ocean picture.

  5. The bike is adorable but right about now that corndog is looking MAJORLY adorable. In my mouth.

  6. Looks like a fun little excursion! I've always wanted to take a weekend trip to the NE.

  7. You all packed it in on your trip!

    As much as I want you all to stay close to home, I will be excited to visit if you end up elsewhere...

  8. Next time you are in Philly try the gelato at Capogiro, its amazing!

  9. Wow!! Looks like you two had a great time!! I would love to rent bikes someday - you make it look really fun :)

  10. What a cute beach town! And the weather looks fantastic!

  11. This should have been titled- Road Trip: Jersey Shore edition :)! You kept it so classy! JK - It looks fabulous. I would love to visit!

  12. What sweet quality time!!! Loved the pictures!!!! :)

  13. Hi there-

    I found your blog via Natasha at "A Day in the Life"! I LOVE your blog designs - hers looks so great as does yours here! Can you please add me to your waitlist?

    Also - the pink bike you rented is adorable! I bought a beach cruiser last year and am still in love with can take a look here (it's fairly similar to the one in your photo, but green w/ pink rims!)::::

  14. We did the residency tour not that long ago. It was a good time and a great excuse to go to a bunch of places!! Looks like yall had a great time!!

  15. I used to go to OCNJ with a friend when I was little every summer for a week, but I spent all my summers in OCMD. Obvs better in my totally biased opinion ;)

    I have a beach cruiser and I tried to ride with B in my basket once and she got so freaked out she JUMPED OUT in the middle of the street. Talk about terrifying! And she loves hanging out the car window so I figured she'd do well. I guess it was a little too "unstable" for her.

  16. I had no idea the beaches in Jersey were so beautiful!

  17. That bike is adorable! I think you NEED it! Residency "shopping" sounds fun, I look forward to that in a few years! Might have to convince the hubbs to check out Jersey now!


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