Monday, September 13

parties, parties, and more parties

My weekend was packed full of events.
I attended a Stella and Dot party Friday night where I bought this gorgeous necklace.

Saturday morning Jane picked me up and we went to Megan's Scentsy open house.
I bought some great fall scents.
Megan's nephew was so cute and wanted to be in all of the pictures.

After that I headed to my Big Brothers/Big Sisters little's soccer game. She did such a great job, and I forgot to snap a picture. Then, it was time for a trip to Sam's and Target with a friend for church to prepare for a baby shower.

I had just enough time to get home and change for a surprise party. Jessica's husband, Kyle, threw her a surprise party and Megan and Brent hosted it at their house. Everything was perfect and Jessica was truly surprised.
IMG_5259 copy1
The cup I was holding said I heart Jessica. Megan ordered them and they were so cute!
Jessica and her husband are so cute together. He is so sweet to her and you can tell he just adores her. I love it when I see couples like that.

You can see my sunburned arms from the soccer game in this picture. It doesn't take much. :)
IMG_5262 copy1

Sunday was filled with church and a baby shower.
Sam's makes delicious cupcakes!

Our church group had a get together Sunday night, but I was worn out from the weekend and skipped so I could work on blog designs. Now it is Monday and back to the grind. I have a busy week a head of me!


  1. so fun!!! glad you could make it!!

    I really should have analyzed my bra showing pior to pics haha

  2. such a busy weekend, sounds fun! i love the necklace you bought, so pretty!

  3. Super fun!! I love your necklace...and your nail polish in the last picture with the cupcake! What color is that?

  4. Love the necklace! So super stylish.

  5. So glad you girls got to come! I had fun with you two! And I love that necklace. So pretty!

  6. You're one busy socialite! Love that necklace.

  7. Sounds like a very busy weekend! Never heard of the necklace place - love it though!

  8. What a fun weekend. LOVE that necklace! SO pretty :) I also love your green top, you always have cute clothes!

  9. You are so popular! Love the shirt you wore to Jessica's party. And, how funny, I think I know Jane. I am pretty sure we had Spanish together at Bishop Kelley : )

  10. Beautiful necklace! And such a fun, busy weekend. I'm sure you miss your hubby so much but it's good have things to keep you busy!

  11. You are a busy woman! That cupcake looks really good :)

  12. You had such a busy weekend!

    I love the necklace you got. Very cute!

  13. What a fun, busy weekend! Love the necklace!

  14. What a fun weekend! Loved all the pictures and that necklace is so pretty!!!! :)

  15. ahhh looks like you had a fab weekend.. so sad I was in stillwater all day saturday:) sad to miss all the fun:( We must get together soooonnnnn

  16. Busy weekend! Those cupcakes look amazing:-)

  17. Wow you are so busy! I don't know how you handle it all!


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