Sunday, September 19

my blonde moment

I have a fear of asking stupid questions, so I normally think before I ask something out loud. Not so this time! My boss and I had been in our rental car for about 40 minutes. As I'm driving, I ask: What does this "D" mean?

Oh goodness.


  1. I was going to ask "But seriously, what does the D mean?"

    But it means drive, right? I'm sleep deprived and not very sure.

  2. I have moments like that all. the. time. (And it did take me a moment to think that D = Drive!)

  3. I feel you, girl. A couple days ago I asked my husband why all bald men "shine their heads." I was very serious about it; I wanted to understand! But he just looked at my with pity and shook his head.

    I guess that means bald heads are naturally shiny? Whatever.

  4. Hahaha :) I also have a fear of asking stupid questions, and therefore, NEVER ask questions! And then later, I wonder, why didn't I ask that?!

  5. Dude, no fear!
    I say stupid stuff ALL the time, I think people question how I ever graduated college...

    My friend told me her car's battery died. My response? "I didn't know your car was electric!"

  6. That is really funny! I think it happens to us all.

  7. Haha! I totally called my mom one time when I was driving her car to ask if I was supposed to be in D2 or D3 - neither of us knew the difference! I know how ya feel... it must be genetic.

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  9. YOur not alone with asking stupid questions - I also make myself think before I ask something (well, most of the time anway). :)

  10. My grandma just bought a car and I saw the same thing - and thought the same question. :)

  11. Oh Lindsey, I can not laugh...for I am guilty of things just as absurd.

  12. Hi! I have an award for you if you're interested:

  13. I would've probably said the same thing....I mean - really. Why does it have to show that you're in "drive." Obviously, if you're driving, you would know. It's just silly for it to be on the dash board. That's my opinion, anyways.

  14. Hahahahaha! Thanks for the good laugh this morning. I think we are ALL guilty of asking questions that maybe we should have thought about before asking out loud.


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