Monday, September 6

designer apparel

Have y'all ever heard of Designer Apparel? I sure wish I would have know about it when I was searching for my Mom's Mother of the Bride dress. We had the hardest time finding something that looked like my mom, fit and was in our budget. This site would have made all the searching easier.

The site is set up really well and lets you search by price, store, and different sales. I love sites that give me several categories to choose from. Designer Apparel has brought together some great stores all in one place: Neiman Marcus, Shopbop, Bloomingdales, Bluefly, Zappos, Net-A-Porter, and Nordstrom. They also have tools like price comparison, sale notification, and free shipping notice! I am all about online stores with free shipping codes. :)

One of the problems with finding my Mom's dress was she is petite, so sizing was difficult. I found several petite options on Designer Apparel.

They also have plus sizes.

Another problem we had was everything looked too old for my mom. We didn't want her to look frumpy and it seemed that most Mother of the Bride dresses we found just weren't her style. I was expecting to see a lot of frumpy dresses when I searched through this site. It was not the case. They do have the more traditional dress, but several that would have been great options for my mom. And the more I think about it Ty's mom as well. I know she struggled with finding a dress that fit her style when she was searching for a dress for her youngest daughter's wedding.
{Donna Ricco}

Something to note is when you click on a thumbnail image of a dress, the site takes you directly to the retailer. Designer Apparel isn't a middle man. They also offer links to help you search for kids clothes, handbags and maternity--just to name a few.

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  1. Ummm you are my favorite person of the day! Thanks for introducing me to this site!



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