Monday, August 9

weekend recap

We had a very laid back weekend. I had a list of things to accomplish and almost got them all done. {I heart lists!}

Ty and I saw Iron Man II at a dollar theater. When this was first released we had never seen the Iron Man I. We ended up renting it, but never made it to the theater to see the second one.
I drove by the dollar theater earlier in the week and saw that it was showing. We had never been to this theater before and while the theater itself was fine, the people were very interesting. Ty has been making up words to the theme song all weekend. He is always making up words to songs. I am not witty enough to do that--good thing I have him to keep me entertained.

I had a wonderful lunch with Megan and Jessica on Saturday followed by some fun shopping. I also got to meet one of Jessica's adorable little girls.

My big project for the weekend was to make curtains for our dining area. Of course, this didn't get completed, but I did cut out the fabric. That counts toward something right??
Here is a sneak peek at the fabric:
I will show pictures once they are complete...whenever that may be!


  1. Ha! I completely understand what you mean about the dollar theater. I went to ours once and probably won't go back. We have two and neither one is in the safest area of the city.

    I love that fabric! I can't wait to see the finished curtains!

  2. That fabric looks beautiful! Can't wait to see your curtains :)

  3. I love the fabric! I can't wait to see them! I still want to make the kitchen curtains you posted about! I had the fabric all ready, but now I think I need to get a different fabric (and maybe make the current fabric into pillows :))!

  4. Dollar theaters can be super sketchy, but how can you resist when it's a movie like Iron Man 2?! It's just not the same if you watch it at home on your television. We may have to hunt a dollar theater down to see it too!

  5. sounds like a fun weekend! I've never been to the dollar theater!

    I missed lunching with you ladies!

    Can't wait to see the curtains!

  6. Love that fabric! You'll have to do a DIY post. I have no idea how to make curtains..

  7. I love how you are so crafty!

  8. That fabric is great - can't wait to see the end product!

  9. What gorgeous fabric! I am excited to see what you did with it. If only I could motivate myself to better use my sewing machine. You inspire me :)

  10. That is just great fabric!!! Can't wait to see pictures of your final product!

  11. Girl time is always great!!!
    Love the fabric!! :)

  12. Pretty fabric! You are so crafty. I cheated to pass Textiles and Design in junior High school! A friend of my mother's sewed my project. My eternal shame!

  13. I keep forgetting to see that movie! I heard it was really good!


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