Monday, August 23

Uncle Ty & Aunt Lindsey

This weekend was full of fun with our niece and nephews. We made the trip home and got to welcome another nephew into the family. It was a wonderful weekend.

Nathan has recently learned to say Uncle Ty & Aunt Lindsey. He says Uncle Ty constantly and it is the cutest thing.
We spent lots of time with him, since his Mommy and Daddy were at the hospital with his new little brother.

My dad was in a triathlon this weekend in my city. He and my sister teach the "creepers" on Sunday morning. (sidenote: My dad thought they were doing 2nd grade. I find this hilarious.)
So, while he was at my house, I helped my sister out in her Sunday School class.
We snuck Mason in and I spent a lot of time cuddling him.

Ty is the best uncle ever. I'm not just saying that because he is my husband. It's true.
He is amazing with little ones.

Royal Rumble with Lillian and Lucas


On a walk to the apple tree. Love his little boots.
lucas boots
He chose to wear those, but he had to be sweltering in the 100 degree temps.


Lillian and I played salon and did each others hair and nails. Lucas, being a typical little brother, couldn't be left out. I painted most of his nails, but he wanted to do some of them himself.
luke nails
I can remember my brother having every toe nail painted a different color. He just couldn't be left out of the fun LeAnn and I were having.

Saturday evening we had a family shower for Sarah and baby Wade.
shower collage
I made the print that I posted in the middle of the collage and framed it.

If you didn't read Wade's stats within the collage you need to scroll back up.
He is the longest baby I have ever seen. :)
Uncle Ty with his cute, little (long) nephew.

On Sunday we had lunch at a little winery that offers scenic views.

Ty's parents


  1. That is a long baby!! I thought my girl was long at 21 3/4!! Such a cutie!! and the baby's breath looks great!!!

  2. looks like such a fun trip home! your flowers turned out so lovely!

  3. The centerpieces turned out great! Love the blue ribbon with the baby's breath! Sounds like a fun weekend with family :)

  4. Such cute little kiddos! The baby shower decor was so cute, love the baby's breath flowers!

  5. y'all are so cute! and so sweet for taking the "little" ones while the next little was being born! what a blessing! I love the winery pictures, beautiful! and so much fun :)

  6. Tall baby! I love the print you made, too - cute!

  7. Aw, that baby is adorable! I love seeing my husband hang out with babies. It just makes me smile. :)

  8. Your nieces and nephews are presh!!!

    And, the shower turned out so adorable! Love the flower arrangements! Great job!!!

  9. The little shower turned out well! The little print is darling!

  10. Please share how you were able to paint your little brothers nails. I need the info and then a time machine because my brother NEVER let me paint his. Even the it's peel off and you can take it right off argument didn't work.

  11. So fun.... Looks like a fabulous weekend!!! :)

  12. Love the invitations! And the baby's breath turned out great! Who knew? Looks just like the inspiration pictures you posted! Good job!

  13. I love the print you made for the shower and those baby's breath centerpieces turned out so pretty!

    That's a great pic of you and Ty at the vineyard!

  14. Aww, I love that picture of Lucas in his boots!

    And your baby's breath turned out great!


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