Wednesday, August 4

time flies

I can't believe I haven't posted in over a week. Life has been busy.
Last week my mom, sister, and nephew came for a visit. My cousin had her second baby last week, so we all went to meet sweet little Brynlee. They didn't find out what they were having and it was very exciting for us all to find out it was a little girl.

Chesley meeting Mason.

Mason had been doing some weird breathing thing and LeAnn asked Ty to check it out.

Ty feeding Mason to make up for all his poking and prodding. :)


Brynlee was a little bigger than Mason. She was 3 days old and he was 4 weeks.

The best part about waiting this long to post is I have seen everyone else's pictures and borrowed a couple.

Tara sent me this picture yesterday of Brynlee wearing the little outfit I bought her.

Other highlights from my week long blog break:
-We helped Ty's sister and fam load their belongings in the back of a U-Haul for their move.
-I took my little sis, H, bowling.
-Watched the Bachelorette finale with Chesley
-Worked/working on several blog designs
-Gearing up to have new students on campus
-Ty's vacation month is officially over. He is back to rotations. It was nice to have him around for a month. He did a lot of studying for step two boards, but was able to just hang out as well. He has a busy month ahead with two major tests (boards & the PE) and preparing for audition months.


  1. Oh my gosh!!! Mason is absolutely adorable! How fun! I was wondering where you had been : )! You have been busy!

  2. Such cute little babies!! Don't you want one? LOL

  3. Precious babes!! :) do they give you the fever?

    I'm sporting that same color on my nails and toes right now too!

  4. you look like a natural!

    those sweet little babes are soooo cute!

    I love the outfit you gave her. Do they have it in big girl size? lol.

  5. Those babies are adorable!!!!!! Just precious!! Loved the pictures!! :)

  6. Ah babies! They are adorable! And I love the unique name of Brynlee!

  7. First of all the baby pictures are adorable. Second of all, Ty makes house calls?!? I had NO idea! haha J/K. Its better that I not have any dr. friends in my life, I would drive them crazy!

  8. missed you! And my goodness, do you have baby fever yet!?!? haha

  9. Mason is adorable! And those are great pictures of you with the babies. Love the earrings!

  10. Oh my goodness, what cutie pies!! I am sort of glad I don't have people near by in my life with babies, it would give me baby fever so badly! Just pictures make me want one :)

  11. aww that little outfit you bought is toooo cute!!! =) adorable pics!

  12. OMGG I have baby fever from your post! SO CUTE!

  13. Those sweet baby pictures melt my heart. Such precious babes! Love the outfit you picked out - how cute are the leggings with the ruffled edges?!?!

  14. Baby pics are the best! Too sweet for words!

  15. gosh those babies are SO presh! there is just nothing sweeter than a newborn curled up like that on your chest!

  16. oh my goodness those pics are adorable! You and Ty are such naturals!! awwww! and that little outfit you bought is so cute :)


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