Wednesday, August 25


At my Grandma's house a few weeks ago, we went through a couple of old photo albums. I took a few pictures to scan. I wish we would have had more time to go through them all, although I think that could take all day.

My mom (on the left) and aunt
mom and teresa

Me, 1986, 1.5 years old

February 1987. Some things never change. haha.

June 24, 1987. My sister was born on this day and I must have been staying with my grandparents. They always let me sleep with them and spoiled me rotten.

July 4, 1987 with my golden, Dutchess. She was my first dog and had a long, happy life.
7-4-87 1

Fall 1987, Check out my fab sweatsuit. :)
10-87 1

1987, almost 3 years old

Easter 1989, My grandma always made that bunny cake for Easter. I told my Mom she needs to start making it. I love our little sailor dresses.
3-26-89 1

March 1989

October 1989
Tara, Lacey and Me
We are all a few months apart.
10-89 2
sidenote: Did you notice my hand popped on my hip? I was sassy.

That mask brings back great memories from my childhood.
My grandpa would always scare us with it.
Wasn't he handsome?

Sorry for the picture overload! I couldn't not post one of them. :)


  1. I love love looking through old pictures! So many hilarious memories!

    And so many awesome fashion choices, obviously.

  2. so cute! I love looking at old pics!

  3. Hehe! I love the mask! It reminds me of the one my dad used to wear to scare was a Ronald Reagan mask - we still have it and it's still FR-REAKY! Hehehe!

  4. So cute! i love old pictures, I've actually been thinking about scanning a few myself. In my free time .. it will probably just remain a thought. My schedule this week is absolutely freaking insane! :(

  5. Its funny how old pictures are similar. I have a couple of the same shots...eating at my gmas house and I SWEAR we had the same Halloween mask...hahha

  6. Your hand propped up on your hip was the first thing I noticed in that picture! hahahah, LOVE IT! Your Grandpa was really handsome!

  7. Awh, love all these photos! What a fun walk down memory lane!

  8. I love looking at old pictures! So cute! And we used to make that same bunny cake every year!

  9. I think I had the same sweatsuit!! Love it :)

  10. These are all so cute! I especially love the one of you with your puppy. And I think I had a very similar teddy bear sweatsuit at one point - oh, who am I kidding - I'm sure I had several over the years haha.

  11. Oh my goodness - I had that Care Bear sweatsuit! Hilarious!

    I love the one of your puppy, too.

  12. How fun! I love old pictures!! These are great! And yes, I think Ihad the same sweatsuit. ;)

  13. I love old pictures. I need to go through my old ones & scan them so I can share them.

    The one with you & the puppy on your grandparent's bed? We could have been twins!

  14. Awww, you and your puppy are so cute!

  15. So fun, I love looking at old pictures! It looks like lots of us had that same sweatsuit :)

  16. I'm pretty sure I had that same sweatsuit..ha.

  17. ahh that is so much fun! I love looking at old pics too :) That is so funny that you had your little hand up on your hip, haha, so cute!

  18. Sweet childhood photos! Looks like good memories!

    Rambles with Reese

  19. AWSOME photos. Would love to see the growing up photo progression continue!



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