Monday, August 16

happenings & target happiness

Ty and I went to a dinner Friday night to welcome the first year medical students to our school. It was held at an air and space museum. A much more exciting venue than our school.


I worked at a special ceremony for our new students on Saturday morning and that evening Ty & I picked up my Little, H, for a WNBA game. Our church had free tickets and I thought it would be fun to take H. Lucky for us, she was ready to leave at half-time. We enjoyed the first half of the game, but Ty and I aren't huge women's basketball fans.

The best part of the evening was stopping for gelato. Yum, yum!
There is a new gelato and crepes eatery that opened downtown.
I can't wait to go back for crepes.

My favorite downtown building. I love that turquoise top!

My weekends are never complete without a trip to Target. I am always on the hunt for the perfect layering tank. I discovered this one a couple of months ago.
It has a good amount of coverage for up top. Plus, it is super soft. I introduced my sister to it several weeks ago and I just happened to be on the phone with her yesterday while I was at Target. She requested that I pick her up one in brown. I bought myself another white one. I can never have too many white tanks. It is $8 online, but $9 in store, so don't let that confuse you.
You will want to buy one in every color!

I had a couple of gerber daisies left over from my event Saturday morning and stuck them in my bud vases. They make me so happy.
bud vases

While I was at Target I noticed they still had these for sell. They are perfect for a single stem.

I couldn't find a picture of these on, but did a google search and found pictures here. She filled them with my favorite flower, a peony. I wanted you all to see a better picture than the one I snapped this morning with my iPhone.



  1. Love the orange Gerber daisies! They were in my wedding flowers!

  2. Soooo fun!!! And I love those daisies!!! Beautiful!! :)

  3. Pretty flowers! I too love those tank tops! I am stocking up next time they go on sale :)

  4. oh I love the flowers in the bud vases! and on the window sill! so pretty! that building is really neat too :)

  5. those vases are perfect! i'll have to search them out at target. i just love target as well.

  6. I got about 5 sets of those vases from Target and love them - I use them in every room!

  7. Gelato and crepes - genius combination! :)

  8. Now I need gelato RIGHT NOW. Too bad there is nowhere in a 20 mile radius that sells it. Or is open at 11 pm.

  9. Those vases are too cute. And wouldn't you know, we are heading to Target today... :)

  10. I love those vases! I found some like that at Ikea a few weeks ago and did the single flower thing. (Fake flowers, obviously...oh how I wish I was one of those women who had enough gusto to keep up wiht live flowers).

    Great post!

  11. Fresh flowers make me happy, too. :) And daisies to boot - so pretty!

  12. Holy awesomeness batman! I have been looking for a place to get gelato in our fine city! Care to share the name?

    You can email me if you don't want to reveal too much on


  13. I just noticed a gelato place a couple of miles from my house. I haven't tried it yet, but I also didn't know it had less calories than ice cream. Woohoo!

    I saw those exact vases at Target last weekend. I allllmost picked them up, but resisted. I love your flowers though!

  14. I have every color of those tanks! They fit SO good when I was pregnant! of course a much larger size..but still long.

    My friend, Kristen, had those little vases filled all over my house when we got home from Dallas.


  15. ps - maybe we could get part time jobs there for discounts? We would just have to tell them we can only work the same shifts, together.


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