Wednesday, July 21

I want, I want

Have you all seen these gorgeous books from penguin?

Emma discovered them at anthropologie and blogged about them. I instantly fell in love.
Emma (Penguin Classics)Search for penguin classics

In March, we were visiting Ty's grandparents and us girls went shopping (Ty's mom, gma and I). We were at a furniture store and they had these old editions of Reader's Digest books. The covers were so pretty and had fun preppy designs on them. The store had them displayed, but they weren't for sale. :( Ty's grandma had several at home and gave me a couple. Yay!
I found a couple of pictures online to give you an example.
There are a lot of covers out there prettier than these pictured.
Picture 214


The penguin books remind me of the Reader's Digest books. Sense and Sensibility (Penguin Classics)

Little Women is one of my all time favorite books. I read this so many times as a young girl.
Little Women (Penguin Classics) 
little women
I went to Amazon and they are of course a better price on there than Anthro. (Speaking of Anthropologie, I sure wish the store here would hurry up and open!) I pre-ordered Little Women and I can't wait to get it!!

Don't you just want them all??
I love the Emma, Sense & Sensibility and the Great Expectations covers.
Actually, I love them all!


  1. Want. Those are SO gorgeous. And I've never read Little Women so technically I should buy them. I think.

  2. I found a bunch of those Readers Digest books at this Flea Market type store in Oklahoma City called The Rink. Check it out if you're ever in town, you'll find lots of goodies!

  3. I love Jane Austen and Louisa May Alcott! Such pretty covers too! Now I want them :)

  4. Oh my, those are wonderful! How will I ever choose?

  5. I totally just saw these at anthro- love love love them...

  6. so lovely! They look like the kind of book Jo March would read! (and write!)

  7. yes! I want them all! and I've so into reading or re-reading so many classics, these would be perfect ;)

  8. Are you kidding me? How great are these books? I want them all, too! I have some of those Reader's Digest books from my parents and I'd forgotten all about them until I read this.

    These classics would look so pretty on a bookshelf (or anywhere really). They are definitely meant to be displayed.

  9. those penguin books have been on my wish list for a LONG time. i actually have a blog post drafted about them. now i can just link to yours! i think they're gorgeous and would look beautiful on any shelf.

  10. I had no idea a book this cute existed!!! I have been looking for some "pretty" books for my shelf in my living room. This is definitely a must buy!

  11. Such beautiful books. I'd love to have them on my shelf to look at and to read. Who knew you could improve upon the classics?

  12. Are those the ones you saw at my office and wanted? I will try and smuggle them for you! :-)

  13. this is a good post with cool snaps of and so fabulous...

    I like your blog and hey am following it

    and hope u likes my blog....)

  14. Ooooh, I love these! Perfect to display books that you love and look gorgeous too!

  15. I do want those books! I might just have to look into buying them.

  16. So cute!!! Alot of those books I have never read!!

  17. umm those are the most beautiful books I have ever seen! I now want a new house with a bookcase, so I can buy those:)

  18. Ohhh... I LOVE the Anthro books too! Although, there's not much from Anthro I don't LOVE. I want to live inside Anthro, forever.

    I love the Reader's Digest books too. Who knew they had such neat covers. That's sweet of Ty's Grandma to give you a couple. They'll be great decorations! Can't wait to see what creative things you do with the books.

    Do you live in Oklahoma City? I might be working in OKC in August. If you're around, I'd love to meet for dinner. :)

  19. I saw a blog post about these about a year ago and couldn't wait to get my little hands on them :) I have Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. I think I got mine from Canada, somewhere...I have no idea why, though!

  20. I can't remember if I commented when I saw this post..but I think these are super fab.


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