Wednesday, January 6


**This is a republished post. I have wanted to respond to several people lately (cough, Whitney, cough) that do not have this. Hopefully, this will be helpful to someone.**

I LOVE receiving comments! It makes my day to open my gmail account and see an e-mail notification of a new comment. I also love to reply to your comments from my e-mail account. But sometimes when I hit reply instead of seeing your e-mail address I see noreply-comment{at}blogger{dot}com and I can't reply. When I reply to other people I can see their e-mail address and the response automatically goes to their e-mail. This is extremely helpful when people ask me questions in a comment. It is so much easier to reply this way than to have to go to their blog and leave a comment or search for their e-mail address.

If you would like people to be able to email you back after you leave a comment, here's how you change those settings.

1. Click on the Customize link in the upper right hand corner of your screen.
2. Click on the Dashboard link in the upper right hand corner of your screen.
3. Click on Edit Profile, which is on the left hand side of the screen next to your picture.

4. This will take you to the Edit User Profile screen.
5. Look in the Privacy section.
6. Check the box that says, "Show my email address".

7. In the Identity section, enter in an email address.
8. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on Save Profile.

When you add your e-mail address in the above spot, it does not change the e-mail address that you use to log-in. I'm assuming that most of you have a personal e-mail address and generic blog e-mail address. I entered my generic blog e-mail address in that spot. My personal e-mail address is still where I recieve notifications of new comments and it is what I use to log in to blogger.

Pretty easy!

{you can click on the pictures to make them bigger.}

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  1. It is so frustrating when I can't reply back to an email address! Thanks for showing this!

  2. Just done this, thank you!

    I didn't realise my email address didn't show when I left comments until last night funnily enough - when my husband used my own blogger account to comment on my post and I had an email notification of a comment from 'me'!!

    Saskia x

  3. I think I'm going to just link to your article instead of writing a post tomorrow. Because this is one of the most annoying things ever!!

  4. Glad to know I'm not the only one who gets giddy when I see a comment in my inbox :)

  5. I had no idea this existed! Thanks for the tutorial. I'll check my settings now.

  6. You deserve an award for posting this!! I mean really, nothing bugs me more! Often, I can't remember who I can reply to until I check their EMAIL address. Gosh, I'm going to link to this if I do a post today to show people who haven't read!!! THANK YOU!

    ps - can we do soup salad bread sticks again soon??

  7. I was just thinking about posting something like this to my I will just link to yours! I'm so bad about not replying if they don't have email linked!

  8. Thanks for reminding people about this! I always get frustrated when someone asks something and I don't answer because I am too lazy to go on a treasure hunt for their e-mail address!

  9. I am SO glad you did this. I have been wanting to do this for awhile! I may just link this post.

  10. glad you posted this. i love emailing commenters back-- it's way easier than going to their blog to leave a comment in response to your comment. this is sort of in response to mojito maven's post today-- just easier to write back to say "thank you!"

  11. i think i have done this, but let me check. thanks for the step by step!

  12. and you said you weren't good at tutorials!

  13. This was so helpful! I updated mine. Thanks!

  14. Mine used to be noreply but I just fixed it recently and i love being able to send responses and get them back!

    Recently i was trying to reply to people and so many that i clicked on were noreply. I may have to do a post like this as well or maybe i will just link to yours!

  15. Thanks for the blogger lesson! I had no idea! :)

  16. I looovveee emailing people back, so I hate it when it's a noreply address. Total bummer.

  17. thanks for sharing this. I love receiving comments back as well!

  18. Thanks for this post, I just changed mine so emails can come back. :)

  19. Thanks so much, I have been wondering how to do this.

  20. This is such helpful information to a new blogger! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  21. I didn't even know=)! Thanks for posting, I'm all updated, and it's been great, thanks!

  22. I had no idea about this either, thanks for the post! All is updated and ready to go!

  23. I never knew this before so I checked my settings and sure enough, show email wasn't marked. I fixed it pronto!

  24. Thank you for sharing this info. I've been to that place on several occasions and think I have the settings right, I have a question. When you go to leave a comment, many times the options appear to be different, i.e., choose an identity. sometimes I get that window and sometimes it picks up on my account name. ?? Thanks again,I love your blog, so artull and fun, come see me too if you can at I would friend you but follow button not available. Keri

  25. I just now Googled for this exact Q&A and yours was the first site return. Perfectly explained. Thank you! I've been responding to comments from my gmail for months! And only just noticed today about the no-reply. I will definitely make a link to this post. Thank you!

  26. Thanks, I just changed my settings so people can reply by email.

  27. I FINALLY have a reason to purchase one of your adorable, handmade onesies! My friend just announced today that she is having a baby, no idea gender yet. I would love to see what you've made in the past- do you have them all saved somewhere so I can look at pictures? Shoot me an e-mail at when you get a chance.


  28. Thanks for the tip! I found your blog through another blog, so I have no idea who you are! But isn't that the fun in blogging?? I am not too blog savvy and I don't get an email when I get a comment, so I need to research that.

  29. Hi Lindsey! I am new to the blogging world, but I have followed yours for a while now and I left you something on my blog!

  30. I have no tech-savy, and didn't even know replying via email was an option - thanks for sharing!

  31. How do you think credit crunch affected porn?

  32. I did this the last time you posted...fingers crossed I did it right :)

  33. I gave you an award on my blog!

  34. Thanks for letting everyone know!

    P.S - I started following your blog :)

    be sure to follow mine!

  35. thanks. this is really helpful and very clear instructions.

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  39. Thanks for posting this. I couldn't figure it out!

  40. I hope I did it right…I've had two requests for this to be done.

  41. I'm linking to your very well explained tutorial over at

  42. Hello! I have checked my settings, yet I am a noreply-commenter when posting a comment on my own blog. While on the phone yesterday with a friend, she rechecked all her settings as she and everyone else who has been commenting on my blog posts are noreply-comment.

    Any ideas, suggestions, clues as to what is going on?

    It is very important when entering give-aways on blogs.

    thanks, Karen
    briarsidelane at gmail dot com
    in case I am a noreply to you

  43. I meant to post a comment earlier, but I liked up to this tutorial the other day on my blog. Such a great tutorial and now I can give my commenters the love they deserve! Thanks for this! :)

  44. What do you do if you're not a Blogger blogger? For instance, I use WordPress, therefore I have no blogger profile to change, but when Blogger users try to reply to me, they get "" in their email.

  45. Thanks so much for posting this! I just had a girlfriend telling me this morning that I had a no reply in place and I had no idea how to fix it!

  46. I'm linking over to this post as part of Blogging Bootcamp at

  47. i am going to link this to my blog. Thank you for sharing this important info...i've been a "NO-REPLY" blogger for some time now, and i had NO idea.
    Thanks again for sharing, and stop by my blog if you get a chance.

  48. Hi!
    Thanks so much for the do you show your email address on the blog. It is just showing up on mh profile page...not on the blog page.


  49. I know this is an older post of yours, but thanks for posting it! I've done everything you list in your article, but I still show up in Google Reader as by . How do I fix that? This is driving me nuts!

  50. Honestly, I didn't even realize I was a no-reply blogger until someone outright told me the other day because I had gotten responses before (because I had commented in a non-blogger) comment form.

    Thanks for the easy tute on how to change it.

    I googled it and found you and am so glad I did!

    Even though this is an older post, I would love for you to link it up at my first ever Feature Friday FREE-FOR-ALL linky party.

    We already have 220 links, and it's still growing! Woooohooo!

    P.S. I'm a new follower. : )

    ~Abbie (

  51. Oops! Here's the link for the party:

    : )

  52. Thanks for the great tutorial. I just found you via a google search. I had no idea what a noreply blogger was {and apparently that's exactly what I was}. Looks like you saved me. Thank you so much!

  53. Holly - based on these directions and the fact that Blogger updated to a new format, do you have a set of revised instructions???

  54. Thanks for the info! Unfortunately, when I create a new post, in the dashboard, it says (Kayla Rae) at Inspirations by Kayla Rae - 1 hour ago

    This JUST started and I have no clue why :( My "show e-mail" is checked.

    Inspirations by Kayla Rae

  55. It is so frustrating when I can't reply back to an email address! Thanks for showing this!

    Text Your Ex Back PDF

  56. All I can say is, Thank You!!! I'm so glad I found your blog and this post. What a huge help it was. : )


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