Sunday, February 22


You may remember this post, where I showed you the ring that Ty bought me for Valentine's Day. Well, I absolutely loved the ring and had been eyeing it since it came out. I was so excited that he bought it for me. The excitement soon wore off on Sunday after I had worn it to church and noticed that my finger was starting to turn green.

I decided to take it back to Banana Republic. They refused to return the ring becuase they do not accept returns on worn merchandise. What a horrible policy! I had only worn the ring for a few hours and it turned my finger green. Its not like I had worn the ring for weeks and then tried to return it. The lady explained to me that it was costume jewlery. REALLY, I thought it was real gold! I knew it was costume jewelry and would not last forever but even Claire's jewelry doesn't turn your finger green after a couple of hours. Banana's jewelry is slightly more expensive! I expected more from them. They always have great customer service and I was extremely disappointed.

The sales lady told me that I could put clear fingernail polish on the inside to prevent it from turning my finger green. After I got back home and settled down from being angry I decided to paint the inside of my ring. It lasted a few days. Then I noticed that gold around the braids was turning to brass. I became even more disappointed. I was even taking the ring off when I washed my hands to delay this process. I hadn't even worn the ring a week yet. I am refusing to buy anything from BR right now because I am angry with them. I'm sure the strike won't last long as they are one of my favorite stores. But I will never purchase jewelry from them again!

I did do some retail therapy to make up for the ring. I can't wait to get it in the mail.

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I ordered it in navy, which is becoming one of my favorite colors to wear. I put this picture of the top in orange on here because it really shows all the details.

Weekend Recap:
I spent Saturday at work for an Admitted Student Day event that I planned. I enjoy the event planning and this is such a fun event. The admitted students are so excited and just can't wait to start in the Fall. This morning was spent at church. We have started attending the early service. It is so nice to be out of church and home by 10:30 am. It really gives you the whole afternoon to relax. Chesley and I spent the afternoon grocery shopping and running errands. Now I am on the couch watching the Oscar's and trying to work up the energy to work out. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow. I will be at 2 different undergraduate universities and probably won't get home until after 10 pm. Then I will be travelling with my boss on Thursday and Friday. (Although this will be a fun trip, it makes for a busy week.)



  1. that is so annoying about BR's policy! thats just ridiculous!

  2. I cannot believe that happened with that ring. I was eyeing that ring online recently too! Sorry girl!

  3. I tried to return an obviously defective item to a store and they said that the price was above their return limit. Why sell something that you won't accept back or stand behind?!?!

  4. That is completely ridiculous!! I was a manager at Gap and Old Navy back in my early (er) post college days. And we would have definitely taken that back it is defective!! You should totally call their 800# for customer service and let them know what happened. I hope that someone will fix that for you. Keep us posted!

  5. I have this shirt that you got and I absolutely love it. Seriously, I bought it in every color they had during the winter and I plan on updating my spring wardrobe with the new spring colors! You'll wear it tons!

  6. That is horrible about the ring. I hate when things like that happen. So disappointing!

  7. Urgh, how frustrating!
    But I love your retail therapy purchase!

  8. ugh - so annoying about the ring! very cute top though - i just ordered it the other day in navy too! :)

  9. Girl--I work @ gap (same company as BR) and we take anything back..washed or worn. Call and ask to speak to a manager or head of store and at least ask if you can have a store credit.

    hope this helps :)

    love this shirt!

  10. or call 1800-GAP-STYLE and might get a "appreciation card" aka $10 gift card.

  11. meant to tell you....I'd be SO ticked off about the ring! Shame on them. I'd write a letter to corporate or something, really! LOVE that shirt...I kinda need it. haha

  12. I would try on more time to return the ring and ay it is damaged. Which is true. Maybe you will get lucky!


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