Thursday, February 19

Swap List

It's time to SWAP! If you would still like to participate just leave me a comment or e-mail me with the cookbook you would like to swap. If you haven't submitted the cookbook you want to swap let me know. In case you've forgotten how this whole things works here is a link back to the original post. Don't forget you contact the person directly to arrange the swapping. Then let me know if the cookbook needs to be taken off the list below.

I have written down the name of the person, their blog, and the cookbook they want to swap. I have hyperlinked their blog and I hyperlinked their cookbook to Amazon so you could see the description of the cookbook.

Happy Swapping!

Here are the list of cookbooks that are available to swap:

Sarah at Works In Progress: Robin Miller's Robin to the Rescue

Joelle at Drew and Joelle: Rachael Ray 30 Minute Get Real Meals

Whitney at My Journey Toward the Glamorous Life of a Housewife: Rachael Ray Express Lane Meals

Summer at "B" is for Brown: The Flour Pot Cookie Book: Creating Edible Works of Art

Kara at Mrs. Dirnberger: Rachael Ray 30 Minute Meals (the original)

Bella at That Fresh Feeling: ????? Someone decided to choose the book w/o knowing what it will be. It will be a surprise!

Nicole at Whose blog is it anyway?: The Old Farmer's Almanac Everyday Cookbook

Cassi at M&C: Automatically Light!

Kelley at The Lawrences: Betty Crocker's Cooky Book (yes that's how its spelled.)

Leila at Bama Belle in the Big City: Williams-Sonoma Paris

I am swapping this cookbook: Rachael Ray Classic 30 Minute Meals.

Check back to see the updated list. Rachael Ray seems to be pretty popular!
p.s. Ignore all the weird spacings in this post. I had it all pretty with bullet points and the blogger decided that it was the boss not me and messed everything up. I could never get it to back to the way it was. :(
p.p.s. Barefoot in Park held the book swap that I participated in and this is the way she set up the swap. People just kept listing books all weekend. It worked out really well.



  1. this was such a great idea! i would like the betty crocker cooky book! thanks for doing this!

  2. Ok Ok..I am horrible and forgot to list my book. I will also be swapping a rachel ray 30 minute meals! The orginal one!!

  3. ohhh...i want to play. is it too late? i keep forgetting to look at my cookbooks at home!

  4. I am swapping "Automatically...Light!" Easy Low-Fat Recipes Using Time-Saving Applicances and The Heatproof Oven Bag by Pat Leontsinis

  5. hiya! The Flour Pot Cookie Book: Creating Edible Works of Art

  6. ok i am looking tonight and will let you know which one....sorry for the delay....

  7. I'm going out on a limb and am going to pick that fresh feeling....

    i love suprises!

  8. I totally forgot to look last night.Shame on me! Kelley i will email you in a minute!

    Is The Old Farmer's Almanac Everyday Cookbook still available?

  9. Hey lindsey.....if yours is still available i would love it. I think someone has asked for the other one....

    Let me know:-)

  10. id love bama belle's paris cookbook since we are planning a trip there...


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