Thursday, October 2

New Hobby

My love of Fire King Jadeite dishes began with this bowl. I love the color and the fact that this dish existed around the 1940s. (My parents brought the hubbers some okra from their garden. I, of course, do not like okra.)

This pattern is called Jane Ray.

On my way home from Arkansas last week I passed by an antique store and saw this bench outside. I LOVED it! But I did not have room for it in my car and it was $125. Which I thought was pretty pricey for an old antique store. Although the thing weighed a 1000 lbs so I guess that means something about the quality.

As I wondered through the little store I discovered a whole shelf of Fire-King products. They even had a rare white mixing bowl with red polka dots on it.

I picked up two of these jadeite plates. I loved all the detail on them. They do not say Fire-King on the bottom like my bowl, so I am not sure what brand they are.

I was so excited to discover 4 saucers in the Jane Ray pattern. They were super cheap--a dollar a piece. All but one are in great condition. And even that one isn't in bad shape. It doesn't matter to me; Its not like I am going to try to sell them. I just want to use them. I LOVE the color.

I love exploring antique stores for random treasures, but I love exploring them even more now that I am looking for something specific.


  1. I love your antique finds and here is hoping you find the other peices you are wanting..

  2. Love that color - they would match my kitchen!

  3. I love jadeite! It's so delicate and so pretty. Very fun! Glad you added some more pieces to your collection!

  4. What great finds - my Grammy has a bunch of those dishes too. They're gorgeous! I'm kind of hesistant to go to antique stores only because I'm afraid I would find a new addiction to my already insane decoration buying habits!

  5. You know, I've never realized that jadeite came in different patterns! I've always loved it (love the color!) but never paid attention to the pattern! Crazy!

    You scored some good finds!

  6. Oh I ADORE vintage dishes.. these are beautiful.. OKRA on the other hand... ewwww.. LOL LOL

  7. I love antiques as well. A few weekends ago i went to an estate sale. It was full of old furniture and dishes. I bought a beautiful old rocking chair. Right now its in storage at my parents house but hopefully one day it will make the perfect rocker in my child's nursery.


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