Wednesday, October 8

Family Feud

I work in the Student Affairs office where my husband attends medical school. It is a great job and I love being a part of it all! There is a club on campus called Club SPINE. I cannot tell you the what the acronym for SPINE stands for...I can't remember. Just asked Ty; it means Students Participating in Neighboring Events. Last year they hosted a Rocks, Paper, Scissors tournament. I know what you are thinking, "Really, a rock, paper, scissors tournament--How much fun can that be??" These students had the room dimly lit with a disco ball hanging over a huge chain link dog cage. It was probably 9 ft. tall. You had to go inside the dog cage to face your opponent. They had a referee decked out in a striped ref shirt and short baseball shorts and an emcee. Even the school president participated. It was so much FUN! You had to bring paper or scissors to be donated to the elementary school a couple of blocks from the school.

This year they decided to host a Family Feud tournament. I was so excited. I LOVE Family Feud. My family and Ty's family owns the dvd game. You should go out and purchase it--fun times! The first couple of games was MSI's vs. MSII's. (Medical Student 1st year or 2nd year) The winner of these games faced off against 5 of their professors.
Let me show you how medical students have fun....

Ty is up for his turn against the faculty.

He pushed the buzzer first or in this case pressed the light first. He is now in deep thought about how is going to answer.

We came home after an evening of fun and Ty hit the books. I walked back there to check on him or in Ty's mind to bug him and I saw Nuts studying with Ty. I ran back down the hallway to grab my camera off the coffee table and ran back as fast as my short little legs would carry me all the while hoping that they were still in the same pose. I was in luck! Aren't my boys cute!?!

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  1. I like that because it looks like good healthy fun. Glad that your husband was able to get some studying done afterwards. I am sure he has mastered the ability to study and focus if he is in medical school but that it is hard to keep that focus up. Love, MG

  2. HA! That picture of Ty and Nuts is hilarious!!! I heard Student Affairs didn't even get to play. Were your dreams shattered?

  3. That picture is way to cute!
    Nuts looks like he is really interested..

    I love Family Feud.
    I wanna be on that show for real..

  4. these are great pics, and I think it looks like fun! are you guys from oklahoma by chance!? saw the OSU shirt...

  5. I work at a Uniersity also! Don't you just love it??!?!
    Ok, I'm curious now - what school are you at?
    That last picture is too cute!

  6. That is so much fun! Very cute pics!That is hilarious what they did with rock paper scissors!

  7. not only that, nuts scored higher on the last path test than ty.

  8. That picture of Nuts and Ty is great! You need to frame it.

  9. I love FF - so much fun!

    And the pic of your hubby and the dog is just too funny! haha

  10. That looks like so much fun!

  11. How cute is that picture? One of our dogs is like that with my husband - totally wants to be next to him at all times.

  12. That is so hysterical...the dog looks interested! Great photo.

  13. Just surfin' the blogs and found you. I wanted to say Hi and nice Blog!


  14. Oh.. that looks like a bunch of fun!!! I love games like that!!

    Yes.. your boys are adorable.. Ü


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