Monday, October 6


The state fair was in town for 2 weeks. One of my BFFs, Chesley, and I went Friday night. We have both lived in t-town for a year and this was our first time to attend the fair here. It was a great time. We stuffed ourselves on corn dogs, curly fries with cheese, fresh squeezed lemonade and funnel cake! It was delish! After stuffing our faces and becoming fatties, we explored the fair.

We walked all over the place: saw some cows, exhibits and of course some strange booths. All the carnies are yelling out: Come see the woman covered in hair who has 8 legs! Come see the 2 headed cat! Come see the world's smallest woman! Come see the world's largest man! Come see the siamese donkeys! You get the idea.
So we walked passed all the booths and Chesley decides she wants to go in. She wants to see the spider lady. I very hesitantly pay my $1 and walk in. It is the fakest thing I HAVE ever seen! It was horribly fake! Chesley then decides that she wants to see the world's smallest woman. I was not excited to waste another $1 to see this. Being the great friend that she is and the fact that she did not want to go in alone she plunked down 2 dolla. (Not dollars, but dolla.) We walk in and it was a real woman who is about 2 ft. tall just sitting in this little chair. We felt like the worst people ever. Chesley was speechless. We had no idea that it was going to be a real person sitting there. Needless to say we will NEVER visit one of those little booths again!


  1. It looks like you guys had a great time.. Fresh Squeezed lemonade is my favorite.. It is so sweet and yummy!

    Oh, how sad for that teeny tiny woman. Did she look sad? For people to be staring at her and her freakishly small stature?

  2. Yum, that corn dog looks great - even at 8:37 am. I saw the little woman last year. I wrote a blog about it on my Xanga back when it happened - it was SO SAD! I talked with her for a little bit becauase I felt SO horribly sorry for her. She was very sweet. Poor her...

  3. I was at the fair on Friday night also!!
    I refused to go into those booths but my sister and Luke went in them. They also said the little woman was really sad!
    Glad you had fun, hope you didn't eat too much! (I did)

  4. You look so cute! Mmm fries with cheese! Glad you had a great time, never go to that booth again, ha!

  5. HAHA sounds like fun! And that food is making me VERY hungry!!!

  6. :( I'd feel bad for those people too. I guess these days they have more a say in the matter, whereas in the "olden" days, they were pretty much forced into that life. Either way... :(

    Hubs and I might go to the fair...maybe! It's so crowded on the weekends, and I think I may take an afternoon off work so we can go. We'll see.

    Have a great week!

  7. Oh, the fair! How fun! I actually have never been to a fair where they truly have those bazaar booths, but I should make it a point to go sometime. Our society is so weird that we LOVE to look at crazy things like itty bitty people.

  8. Funnel cakes and corn dogs! Gotta love fried carnival food! (o:

    I didn't know they still did the side shows like that. But it's been ages since I've been to one anyway.

  9. How fun! You have to eat a funnel cake when you go to the fair! Great pictures!
    -Sandy Toes

  10. glad you had a good time at the fair, that funnel cake looks so tastey! so sad for that woman...

  11. Looks like y'all had a good time! What an adorable blog!
    Thanks for stopping by & showing some bloggy love on my big SITS day!


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