Tuesday, October 7

Bring your dog to work day

I drive to city 'S' every Monday for a class that my boss and I facilitate on campus. On our drive there is a 6 mile stretch of construction. There were several workers out yesterday wearing their bright, yellow, safety vests. As I was driving by I glanced over to see what they were working on and lo and behold there was a yellow lab wearing a bright, yellow, DOG safety vest! It was the strangest thing ever! I can't even begin to imagine why you would have a dog out on road construction while you were working. It would be so easy for the dog to get run over!

Actually I did imagine why a dog would be on the side of road construction decked out in a safety vest. I decided that maybe the dog was really like a character in the Twilight series. I don't want to spoil anything for those of you who are reading it right now, but those of you who have read it will understand. (If you haven't read it you should go out and buy the first one right NOW!) Or maybe the dog was there because his owners are having a huge custody battle and it was the only time its male owner could spend time with his dog. On our way out of town the dog was still sitting there just observing what was going in his bright yellow safety vest, like he was the supervisor. I wanted to pull over and take a picture. I would have if I had been alone, but I thought my boss might think that I was crazy!

Any ideas as to why a dog would be on a construction site??


  1. I have no clue why the dog would be there.. that is so strange.. When and if you do find out I hope you share the answer with us..lol.

    Isn't it weird the strange stuff we see out there?

    I loved your reasons..they were so funny.. the custody sharing..the reference to twilight..lol..

  2. Ok that is just weird?!?! I would have been shocked if I would have seen that... I probably would have driven by and thought, did I just see that?

    Very strange...

  3. HA! That is wild. Maybe he IS the Supervisor! ;)

  4. LOL, yes maybe supervising, wonder how much he was getting paid!

  5. Why would a dog need construction gear? Although the reflective material would be great for a black dog taking a walk at night!

    When you roll call at SITS for the extra entries, be sure to roll call on the daily post, not the contest post!

  6. I don't know about why the dog would be there, but I Love the photo! Hilarious! :)

  7. that's great! i have no idea why he was there...maybe he had a special "sniffer job"? or maybe it really was take your dog to work day? or maybe he was the construction crew's mascot. either way, i'm sure that dog was having a great time :)

  8. On the job training? That's too funny.

  9. labradors are smarter than most humans. he was probably the foreman.


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