Tuesday, July 28

toddler backpack

Jack was gifted this seersucker backpack for his first birthday by my sister. We keep it stocked with quiet activities and snacks to keep him entertained during church. This has become extremely important to us in the last couple of months as Jack has developed an irrational dislike of bible hour and has been sitting in big church with us. He loves going to class before big church, but one mention of bible hour and he gets hysterical. Toddlers are weird.

The most important thing we put in his church bag is Smarties. There are none pictured above, because I don't dare show them to him. He would eat as many packages as he could. It is the first thing he looks for each Sunday morning.

Other items that keep him quiet, pictured left to right:
And by quiet, I mean they each buy us about 30 seconds of peace. ;)
  • Bible--doesn't really keep him quiet, but he is proud of it.
  • Buzz Lightyear
  • Melissa & Doug Water Wow--These are reusable and are perfect for road trips, airplanes, restaurants, church, etc.
  • Melissa & Doug Color Blast--The marker only marks on the paper and not on the church pew, etc. Jack doesn't have markers at home, so I think these are special treat for him.
  • Tegu Magnets--These wooden magnets are so much fun and I love that they come in a convenient carry case.
You can buy an adorable seersucker toddler backpack just like Jack's at Peekawhoo and use the code LAUNCHLK for 20% off. (Code good through July 31.)

Friday, July 24

Peekawhoo! New website!

I love giving gifts, viewing gift guides, etc. I'm the girl at the shower that genuinely wants to see every present opened. I think it's so fun!

My love of gifts (and shopping!) has me so excited for the grand opening of the new Peekawhoo website! I'm even more excited that Peekawhoo is offering all of you 20% off anything on the site with the code LAUNCHLK. (The code expires July 31.)

If you are looking for a baby or toddler gift (or even something for yourself!), then visit Peekawhoo!
They sell so many of my favorites for Jack and Paxton! We are pretty obsessed with the bunnies, but we also love these backpacks and this gown. Jack has the navy backpack and we use it as his church bag and carry his snacks and quiet toys and coloring books inside. It is adorable with his name on it! I think I'll be ordering Jack the matching dopp kit!

Paxton looks pretty cute in his gown! I love gowns for those first months. They make middle of the night diaper changes so easy.

How perfect are these scrubs as a gift for your favorite nurse or doctor's new baby?! Kelley, the owner of Peekawhoo, generously sent these scrubs as a gift for Paxton. They are so soft and there are snaps at the neck to make it easier to get the top on.

I'm off to place an order for a dopp kit for Jack and a few special gifts for others! Don't forget to use the code LAUNCHLK for 20% off through next Friday!

Thursday, July 23

Paxton, one month

I'll be honest, I was viewing this newborn stage as something we just needed to get through to survive and get to the more fun stages, but you, little one, have made me change my mind. I am loving every snuggle, sound and even little newborn cry, as I know it will all change too fast.

You are such a good baby. Since day one you have been a good eater and a calm baby. You rarely cry or fuss. My favorite time with you is right after you have nursed and you pass out on my chest while being burped. You have started to have more awake periods, but mostly you sleep. You like to lay on the ground. You move your arms and legs like crazy. You also love to lay on my bathroom counter top and look in the mirror. You like to be snuggled close in the wrap, which is good, because sometimes wearing you and tending to Jack is necessary. You love to tuck your legs in close like a frog. I love those frog legs!

Jack loves you, and asks to hold you, but only for very short periods of time. He has too much energy to stay still long.

Eating: every 2.5-3 hours

Sleeping: waking every 2-3 hours to eat; you sleep in the rock 'n play in my bedroom; daddy has been working nights, so it's just you and me in there.

Stats: At your two week appointment, you had surpassed your birth weight and were doing good.

Clothes/Diapers: Newborn for both

Likes, Dislikes, Milestones, etc:
  • You don't seem to like the pacifier. You tolerate it sometimes.
  • You also don't seem to care too much about whether you are swaddled or not. This is way different from Jack who needed to be swaddled and have a pacifier.
  • You went on your first big trip to visit family.
  • You celebrated your first Father's Day and Fourth of July. We can't forget Jack's birthday too!

Since I'm writing this a little late, (6 weeks) I already know some of what the next month holds for us and it's all good! We love you and are so glad you are ours!


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