Saturday, March 28

Big Boy Room

In preparing for Paxton's arrival, we knew we needed to move Jack out of the crib and transition him to a bed. I was not excited about this. Jack did great in his crib, but we didn't want to spend money on another crib when it wouldn't likely last long with Jack sleeping in it. But the idea of new big boy bedding got me on board!

Last weekend, Jack woke up and said that he didn't like his crib anymore. We took that as a sign to switch out beds and not wait any longer. Since we are losing our guest room with the addition of Paxton, Jack got the queen size guest bed. The room arrangement is a little odd with french doors and the short wall behind his chair, but we are making it work. We basically pretend there aren't french doors in the room, so Jack can't sneak outside. He was pretty excited about all the new bedding and new arrangement in his room. He has slept a week in his bed and it is going better than I could have ever imagined. I hope I'm not jinxing us!

We still have our rocker/recliner in Jack's room, but it will eventually move to Paxton's room. I also need to move some of his wall decor around, but who knows when that will happen!

Monday, February 23

We have a name!

Or a first name, at least. We haven't chosen a middle name yet, but we have a few family names we are contemplating. Baby boy is now called Paxton! It's a name Ty has loved since the beginning, but we wanted to give it some time and consider other options too. We started using the name at home to be sure and it has stuck. There is nothing sweeter than hearing Jack say Paxton.

We have a deep love of Jellycat bunnies at our house. I put one in Jack's first Easter basket and it is well loved. He sleeps with it and it goes to daycare each day. I also gifted a small one to my niece when she was born. I knew that I wanted to get Paxton one as well. My SIL mentioned that she had recently purchased a couple of monogrammed Jellycat stuffed animals from Peekawhoo and asked if I would like one for the new baby. Then, a couple of weeks later I was chosen as a brand ambassador for Peekawhoo and they sent me one with Paxton's name on it. My SIL joked that she now has to come up with a new baby gift.

These are the softest bunnies and they have the sweetest look about them! I am actually contemplating buying Jack a back up bunny in case we ever lose his. He is pretty attached to it. (That and his recent obsession with a wubbanub with the paci tip cut off. Oh that wubbanub dog!)

Jack has the beige color bunny and now Paxton has the woodland color. I love them both! They are offered in a few other colors as well.

Peekawhoo is offering my friends 10% off your jellycat bunny purchase with the code LKIRK15. These make the perfect addition to your Easter basket! You will seriously consider keeping it for yourself, because it is so soft! Not that I have had those thoughts...

You can also follow Peekawhoo on facebook and instagram for updates on sales and free shipping codes. 

Sunday, February 22

Peekawhoo Brand Ambassador

I'm so excited to announce I have been chosen as a Peekawhoo Brand Ambassador! Peekawhoo announced a few weeks ago that the would be taking applications for brand ambassadors and I jumped at the chance. Essentially, it means I will be promoting Peekawhoo products throughout the year and sometimes sharing special promotion discount codes.

Peekawhoo is an online boutique that specializes in personalized baby clothes and gifts. I have admired their cute monogram baby gowns and items since I was pregnant with Jack. My sister-in-law reminded me of the company a few weeks ago when she purchased a couple of items for her son and to give as gifts.

Tomorrow I will be sharing our new baby boy's name by showing you his first personalized gift from Peekawhoo and a discount code!

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